Irene Infantes


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Pictured Size
2.13 x 3.05m (7' x 10')

Hand knotted

Handspun wool

About This Rug
This carpet along with Magnetism harnesses the expressive power of handspun wool.

This raw wool is rich in lanolin which creates a beautiful, intense abrash that is accentuated by the thick, coarse and low pile knotting technique. It all comes together to give a texture and feel you find in the ancient nomadic rugs of Afghanistan, a wonderful contrast to the contemporary forms of Irene Infantes' designs.

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Born in Seville, Irene Infantes came to London in 2010 to study textile design at Central Saint Martins. While there, she was asked to create a print collection for Anthropologie and soon after received a commission form the French ceramics company Legle. A Textprint award in 2016 led her to exhibit at London Design Festival, where Christopher Farr first saw her work. Infantes’ creative practice is steered by curiosity, with influences ranging from her own ancestry to the symbolism of colour.

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