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Pictured Size
1.80 × 2.60 m (6' × 8'6")

Hand knotted

Handspun wool

About This Rug
“Platonism” referring to the philosophy that affirms the existence of abstract objects, which are asserted to exist in a third realm distinct both from the sensible external world and from the internal world of consciousness.

The design combines simple basic geometries to create an abstract arrangement. A selection of colors in a three dimensional combination produce a sense of motion to the entire graphic.

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Set up in 2006 by architects Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi, Copenhagen-based studio GamFratesi fuses the Danish and Italian design heritage of its founders to create minimalist furniture and interior spaces that combine respect for tradition with contemporary storytelling elements. Often experimental in materials and technique, their work typically expresses the processes that created it, and reflects the studio’s interest in the liminal zone between harmony and dissonance.

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