EDITIONS: Plate 184

Gunta Stölzl


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1.25m × 2.35m (4'1" × 7'7")

Hand tufted

Millspun wool

All rugs are produced with the relevant institution estate or artist, closely involved in the whole process to ensure that the end result is as faithful to the original work as possible, the same as producing a limited edition print.


As the only female master of the Bauhaus, textile artist Gunta Stölzl is arguably the single most influential figure in the modern history of Western woven art. Under her leadership, the school's weaving workshop was transformed from a neglected department to one of its most successful facilities. During her tenure, she updated the focus from pictorial work to more industrial designs, introducing radical ideas from the world of modern art to weaving, and initiated experiments in materials and methods that helped shift weaving into the modern age.