My Happy Place – Lauren Elliott in the London King’s Road showroom

My Happy Place – Lauren Elliott in the London King’s Road showroom

Up and coming British interior designer has bought her distinctive aesthetic to life in our latest King’s Road showroom installation. ‘My Happy Place’ serves as a vibrant canvas to showcase the latest collection by the esteemed Kit Kemp for Christopher Farr Cloth. To compliment the new collection Elliot selected braided jute in natural colours and a special one off rug inspired by Kit Kemps fabric design Bookend.

Elliott shared her initial inspiration for the space, stating, ‘When I heard that two of my favourites had collaborated again, Christopher Farr Cloth and Kit Kemp, the inspiration started then! The designs I was shown on the first meeting took me on a colourful journey, and I wanted to show the world how this stunning collection could be applied to your home in a comfortable, refreshing, and fun way. I guess the inspiration really came from the designs and how they made me feel, which is usually my first approach to the Design Process; it is more than just what looks right; it’s what feels right to your core.’

‘My Happy Place’ not only showcases Christopher Farr Cloth’s new collection but also features collaborations with other prestigious brands, including Julian Chichester, David Seyfried, Tom Faulkner, Porta Romana, Pooky, and Village London. The space is a testament to Elliott’s passion for art, with carefully curated works by Abstract Sculpture, Painting, and Studio Ceramics artist Daniel Reynolds, alongside emerging artist Sophie Daffern, generously loaned by Georgia Stoneman Fine Art.

Elliott’s illustrious career includes a tenure working for Kit Kemp and the Firmdale hotel group, making her the ideal choice for this installation linked to Kit’s new collection. When asked about her favourite fabric from the new collection, Elliott enthusiastically responded, ‘Another tough one…I would have to say Zig Zag! Bold, daring, colourful – everything I love!

‘Christopher Farr, to me, are the heavyweights of the design industry. Their approach to design is inspiring, always moving forward, creating collaborations and collections to last decades. When I was asked to collaborate with Christopher Farr, I think I shouted ‘yes’ before the question finished! The company as a whole, from the team to what they have in their libraries, is a recipe for greatness. Why would I say no?’ Lauren Elliott

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‘My Happy Place’ can be viewed Monday – Friday 10:00 – 18:00 until early January 2024 at the London showroom: Christopher Farr, 585 King’s Road, Chelsea, SW6 2EH

Photography: Tom Mannion

With thanks to:
Daniel Reynolds Studio
David Seyfried
Georgia Stoneman Fine Arts
Julian Chichester
Porta Romana
Sophie Daffern
Tom Faulkner
Village London

My Happy Place – Lauren Elliott in the London King’s Road showroom