Kim Alexandriuk


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Pictured Size
2.44 × 3.05m (8' × 10')

Pictured Weave
Hand Knotted

Handspun Wool & Silk

About This Rug
This rug was inspired by the designer standing on the shores of Croatia looking out on the transparent and vivid blue-green of the sea, overwhelmed by a sense of tranquility. In Korčula, the soft shapes form a “quiet” pattern to express this feeling. The color palette of blue, purple and green is evocative of Croatia's remarkable rich landscape.

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Based in Santa Monica, California, where she established her firm in 1999, Kim Alexandriuk is an interior designer with a chameleonic talent when it comes to design styles – as fluent in Classical European as she is in clean-lined contemporary minimalism. Drawing on her German-Romanian heritage, a love of travel, and a gift for creating harmonious juxtaposition of the traditional and the modern, she works with a prestigious roster of residential and commercial clients around the world.

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