‘You can go anywhere: Josef & Anni Albers Foundation at 50’

‘You can go anywhere: Josef & Anni Albers Foundation at 50’

‘We exist to open eyes’ is the mission of the Albers Foundation, to continue the legacy of Josef and Anni Albers, who were both pioneers very much in their own right. To celebrate their fiftieth anniversary, this book ‘You can go anywhere’ is a collection of essays by Foundation staff, museum directors and collaborators , such as architect Toshiko Mori, designer Paul Smith, art philanthropist Robert Devereux and our co-founder Christopher Farr. The book is richly illustrated with photos by Iwan Baan, Giovanni Hänninen, and Sofia Verzbolovskis, as well as archival material and art by the Alberses. The heart of the book is devoted to the Foundation’s many donations to international museums, including rarely shown works of art.

Christopher Farr is privileged have an on-going collaboration with the Albers Foundation, producing designs by both Anni Albers (including Study 1926, Smyrna, DRXVII, Meander..) as well as Josef Albers and his Homage to a Square series.

Our co-founder Matthew Bourne comments ‘To visit the Albers Foundation, you feel close to these pioneers. Anni was very interested in pre-Colombian textiles. From this, she created modern designs after studying ancient textiles and weaving. There’s a circularity. Working with the Albers Foundation, we have the benefit of Nicholas Fox-Weber having had a close personal relationship to the Alberses – you are not just dealing with a licensee – they really care about keeping the legacy alive.’

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We are thrilled to able to be part of introducing their work to the next generation. Recently we invited 8 Holland Street to takeover the London King’s Road showroom and show the new Christopher Farr Cloth collection. Here above, the rug is designed by Gregory Parkinson, the 1960s sofa is upholstered in a woven textile Black Mountain by Anni Albers and the wall covering is Child’s Check by Anni Albers both produced by Christopher Farr Cloth. Furniture now for sale via

See the Josef and Anni Albers hand knotted rugs and handtufted CF Editions, produced by Christopher Farr.

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‘You can go anywhere: Josef & Anni Albers Foundation at 50’