Harald rug on show at the de Gournay x Waldo Works Drafting Room

Harald rug on show at the de Gournay x Waldo Works Drafting Room

Playing tricks with the eye, the new ‘Harald’ rug finds its perfect partners in ‘The Drafting Room’.

Our friends architecture and interior design studio Waldo Works, commissioned by de Gournay, have created ‘The Drafting Room’ within WOW House at DCCH, a showcase of world-class interior designers, working in collaboration with renowned makers and international design houses.

Taking the idea of a drawing room quite literally, Tom Bartlett of Waldo Works approached de Gournay’s brief only as an architect could. With his sketchbook as inspiration, the daily meditative marks, of putting pen to graph-paper and doodling each morning, is transformed on the walls into a striking rendition of an imagined scene.

Here, translated and hand painted by de Gournay artisans, the often-overlooked remnant of the creative process – the rhythmic lines, the textural cross-hatches and the architectural shapes haphazardly assembled on the page – spring to life at a dramatically enlarged scale.

Cleverly combining elements of perspective and diagram, grids of intersecting lines and washes of colour emerge to form an abstracted landscape of nature, weather, and architecture. The overall effect in this bright, informal room is one of whiling away a summer morning drawing and daydreaming

Christopher Farr were delighted to be approached by Waldo Works for the project to produce a bespoke rug design that would twist the idea of what a rug could be. ‘Harald’ made especially for the showcase is a Turkish flatweave, constructed in sections and joined together to form a woven trompe l’oeil of a wooden planked floor.

The Drafting Room includes including lighting from Ingo Maurer, collectibles from Willer including Lynn Chadwick bronze candle holders, mirrors from Marianna Kennedy and furniture from BDDW.

WOW House: de Gournay x Waldo Works
Design Centre Chelsea Harbour until Thurs 6th July

Photography: Alexandra Shamis

Harald rug on show at the de Gournay x Waldo Works Drafting Room