Michael Rainsford


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Pictured Size
2.44 × 3.05m (8' × 10')

Hand Knotted

Handspun Wool

About This Rug
This design is taken from a painting made with muds from the areas where the artist resides. The earthiness of the rug making process and the naturalness of the materials have struck an instant chord with the artist.

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Although his chosen medium is watercolour and oil on canvas, Michael Rainsford was born into textiles – the son of a carpet-making family in Kidderminster. Now based in Sligo, Ireland, Rainsford’s work is intimately connected to the landscapes around him. He often incorporates earth from the places he works into his paintings, rubbing it into his unstretched canvases – what he calls ‘Earth Blankets’. The resultant artworks are meditative and mysterious contemplations of place.

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