Simply beautiful rugs in lustrous Ghazni wool

Simply beautiful rugs in lustrous Ghazni wool

As an on-going collaboration with Turquoise Mountain, Christopher Farr are delighted to continue our working relationship with the weaving communities of the Bamiyan region in Afghanistan, renowned for their heritage craft skills.

Drawn by the lustrous nature of Ghazni wool, Christopher Farr present the ‘Border’ rugs, which let the beauty of the natural undyed Ghazni wool shine; simply undyed Ghazni wool, with natural dye coloured borders. With subtle detailing, the pile height is differentiated, with the border of the rug slightly lower than the main body section.

Generally available from stock, these neutral rugs fit seamlessly into interiors and will maintain their beauty long into the future. The inherent durability of Ghazni wool, with a high lanolin content, comes from sheep bred for centuries that have been looked after and shepherded specifically for the quality of their wool.

Turquoise Mountain, founded by His Majesty King Charles III in 2006 to revive historic areas and traditional crafts, to provide jobs skills and a renewed sense of pride, in areas where cultural heritage is under threat. Their work extends to sustainable urban regeneration that hosts the revival of artisan industries.

The Christopher Farr ‘Border’ capsule collection includes stock coloured borders in oxblood red, sage green, sky blue, oxblood red, burgundy and dark chocolate brown. There are around thirty natural dyes to choose from, or to meet the specifics of your project, at a standard hand knotted rug lead in times of 16-20 weeks, for custom colour combinations.

In buying the rugs, you are supporting the continuation of ancient craft skills, ensuring fair employment for weavers, as well as preserving ancient cultures and traditions whilst supporting a new generation of artisans.

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Main photograph: Giulio Ghirardi studio, courtesy Bryan O’Sullivan Studio Collection

Simply beautiful rugs in lustrous Ghazni wool