LABEL STEP – Fair Trade in Handmade Carpets

Christopher Farr is a certified Label STEP Fair Trade Partner. We are committed to the wellbeing of weavers and workers in the handmade carpet industry. Each Christopher Farr rug helps improve the lives of the people who created it. Label STEP is more than just a label. To address the complex issues of the handmade carpet industry at their roots, it takes a solutions-based approach.

Founded in Switzerland in 1995, the non-profit organization’s comprehensive fair trade standards encompass universal human rights, including the prohibition of child labour; working conditions; fair wages and eco-friendly production.

As a Certified STEP Fair Trade Partner, Christopher Farr commits to independent audits throughout the supply chain. STEP actively supports producer improvements while empowering weavers and workers through educational programs that cover such topics as health and safety and financial literacy. For more information, please visit the Label STEP web site –

CARE & FAIR – Education and Health for Carpet Knotting Families

Christopher Farr is an active member of Care & Fair, an organisation based in India dedicated to the elimination of child labour in the rug industry and the education of children in weaving areas.

Care & Fair came into being in 1994. This initiative was founded by committed carpet importers and dedicated itself to the combat against child labour in the countries of origin and at the same time, the improvement of living conditions for carpet knotters as well as their families in the knotting regions of India, Nepal and Pakistan.

Care & Fair seeks to make clear to manufacturers, through co-operation and partnership, that western buyers will no longer accept products originating from child labour or other socially unacceptable production.

For more information, please visit the Care & Fair web site –

TURQUOISE MOUNTAIN – Reviving Afghan traditional arts

Turquoise Mountain is regenerating historic areas, reviving Afghan traditional arts and architecture, creating jobs, skills and a renewed sense of pride for Afghan men and women. Afghanistan’s arts and architecture were once the pride of Asia. But over thirty years of war have left these traditions on the verge of extinction. Turquoise Mountain is working to preserve and revive Afghanistan’s arts and architecture through restoration projects, vocational training, and linking Afghan artisans to international markets. Turquoise Mountain has helped to establish 50 businesses in Kabul.

Christopher Farr works closely with TQM to ensure Afghan carpet development goes from strength to strength and remain committed to incorporating Afghan made rugs a core aspect to their business.

For more information, please visit the Turquoise Mountain web site –