Christopher Farr is an active member of Care & Fair, an organisation based in India dedicated to the elimination of child labour in the rug industry and the education of children in weaving areas.

Care & Fair came into being in 1994. This initiative was founded by committed carpet importers and dedicated itself to the combat against child labour in the countries of origin and at the same time the improvement of living conditions for carpet knotters as well as their families in the knotting regions of India, Nepal and Pakistan.

Care & Fair seeks to make clear to manufacturers, through co-operation and partnership, that western buyers will no longer accept products originating from child labour or other socially unacceptable production.

Christopher Farr is one of over 450 member companies to date worldwide that have committed themselves to these goals to provide an example within industry and trade of the fact that taking on social responsibility serves everybody’s well-being.

For more information, please visit the Care & Fair web site.